SONday's Child

SONday’s Child

9:15am each Sunday morning

 2nd floor - Children’s Building

Kindergarten through fifth grade age children participate in a rotation model Sunday School.  The curriculum is creative with children using all five senses. Each Sunday morning 2 shepherds and 2 volunteer leaders present exciting and inviting Biblical Stories.  They will learn such stories as Jonah using puppets, create a journal to learn about Jacob and Esau, and even making candy cane cookies in the kitchen.  Other stories are learned through movies, drama, science experiments and more.   Kids have a great time while learning and experiencing biblical stories. 

The SONday’s Child area has been transformed into exciting and inviting rooms, ready and waiting for your child!  

  • Mary and Martha’s Bed & Breakfast 
  • Vinegrowers Village
  • Joseph’s Carpenter Shop 
  • Prophet’s Playhouse
  • God’s  
  • Desert Tales
  • Joyful  Celebration

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  January 2021  
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